Asbestos removal done the right way

Removing asbestos safely

We have extensive experience in working with listed buildings, manufacturing facilities, and more. Removing asbestos safely is one of our specialties. Our employees are highly trained and will leave your property safe.

Saying goodbye to asbestos

•  Your structure will be asbestos free with our approach

•  You can come to us for waste removal

•  We'll stay in touch with you throughout the process

•  Get in touch to see how we can help

Making the most of our experience

With 56 years' experience in removing asbestos, we're a team you can trust. You can also come to us for demolition services and land clearance.

Call us to remove asbestos from your site

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With the potential to cause life-threatening illnesses, asbestos is quite rightly a substance that many dread. Fortunately, we're adept at removing asbestos efficiently, allowing you to enjoy your land or building hazard-free.


At E.D & M.A Redpath & Sons, we offer asbestos removal to companies across the UK. Our approach leaves your spaces safe.