Swift site clearance for your construction projects

Clearing sites efficiently

Clearing sites efficiently is something we do well. If you're worried about hazardous waste, asbestos, or another noxious substance, you can come to us. Our approach is safe, allowing you to do as you wish with your land.

Trust in us to make your site safe

•  We have 56 years' experience

•  Our employees move swiftly without compromising safety

•  Call so we can get started with clearing your site

Are you combatting hazardous waste?

There's no denying that hazardous waste has the potential to cause a whole host of worries. Fortunately, we're highly experienced at removing it. Call on us to tackle your next waste removal project.

Call on us to clear your site for you

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When it comes to beginning a construction project, site clearance allows you to press ahead safely. Whether it's clearing waste, rubble, or foliage, this is a delicate process that can define how your project progresses.


At E.D & M.A Redpath & Sons, we offer site clearance services across the whole of the UK. Our team moves swiftly, so you can begin the construction phase of your project.

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