Waste removal that'll make your land safe again

Removing hazardous waste

Using industry regulated health and safety techniques, we can eliminate asbestos and other dangerous substances. Call to see how we can manage your hazardous waste.

Eliminating waste with great results

•  You can benefit from a meticulous approach to waste removal

•  We've got 56 years' experience in removing waste

•  Facing asbestos? Let us combat it for you

•  Call on us for your demolition needs

Managing dangerous substances

Calling on someone to manage dangerous substances and waste on your behalf keeps you and your employees safe. If you think you're facing an asbestos problem, let us help you out there too. 

Call on us to remove your waste

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Let's face it, waste removal isn't the most pleasant of tasks. Fortunately, we have the workforce and equipment available to do the work for you.


At E.D & M.A Redpath & Sons, we offer waste removal services across the North East and the UK. Our approach will leave your site clean and safe, allowing you to keep working on it.